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Zhong-Ling Dai


Professor Room:  Phys. Dep 303

Fax: 0411-84709304


Zhong-Ling Dai associate professor


Sep. 2000---Jul. 2004, Dalian University of Technology, Doctor’s degree

Sep. 1986---Jul. 1989, Jilin University, Master’s degree

Sep. 1982---Jul. 1986, Dalian University of Technology, Bachelor’s degree

Work Experience

As a responsible person, I have completed a project supported by National Natural Science Foundation Of China. I am taking part in many research works supported by National Natural Science Foundation Of China and Grant for Striding-Century Excellent Scholar of Ministry of Education State of China.

Research Interests

Theory and modeling of low temperature plasma discharges Characteristics of plasma sheath Mechanism of plasma etching


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