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2016 Publications


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[276] Yong-Xin Liu, Edmund Schüngel, Ihor Korolov, Zoltán Donkó, You-Nian Wang, and Julian Schulze, Experimental Observation and Computational Analysis of Striations in Electronegative Capacitively Coupled Radio-Frequency Plasmas, PRL 116, 255002 (2016)



[275] Yu-Ru Zhang, Koen Van Laer, Erik C. Neyts, Annemie Bogaerts, Can plasma be formed in catalyst pores? A modeling investigation, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 185 (2016) 56–67




[274] Dao-Man Han, Zi-Geng Liu, Yong-Xin Liu, Xin-Pu Zhang, Fei Gao, Wei Peng, and You-Nian Wang, Determination of neutral temperature using fiber Bragg grating sensor in capacitively coupled argon plasmas, Journal of Applied Physics 119, 113302 (2016)



[273] Zhang-Hu Hu and You-Nian Wang, Hollow structure formation of intense ion beams with sharp edge in background plasmas, Physics of Plasmas 23, 023103 (2016)



[272] Yu-Jing Bai, Jian-Quan Li, Ju Xu, Wen-Qi Lu, You-Nian Wang, and Wan-Yu Ding,Improvement of the Harmonic Technique of Probe for Measurements of Electron Temperature and Ion Density, Plasma Science and Technology, Vol.18, No.1, Jan. 2016




[271] Xi-Feng Wang, Yuan-Hong Song, Shu-Xia Zhao, Zhong-Ling Dai and You-Nian Wang, Hybrid Simulation of Duty Cycle Influences on Pulse Modulated RF SiH4/Ar Discharge, Plasma Science and Technology, Vol.18, No.4, Apr. 2016



[270] De-Qi Wen, Wei Liu, Fei Gao, M A Lieberman and You-Nian Wang, A hybrid model of radio frequency biased inductively coupled plasma discharges: description of model and experimental validation in argon, Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 25,045009 (2016)



[269] Yu Zhang, Jun Xu, and You-Nian Wang,Facing-target mid-frequency magnetron reactive sputtered hafnium oxide film: Morphology and electrical properties, Journal of the Korean Physical Society, Vol. 68, No. 5, March 2016, pp. 679685



[268] Wei Yang, Shu-Xia Zhao, De-Qi Wen, Wei Liu, Yong-Xin Liu, Xue-Chun Li, and You-Nian Wang,F-atom kinetics in SF6/Ar inductively coupled plasmas, Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A 34, 031305 (2016)