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Ying-ying Zhang

E-mail: yyzhang1231@dlut.edu.cn


B.Sc. (Physics), Luoyang Normal College (Henan Province), 2009
Ph.D. (Plasma. Phys.), Dalian University of Technology, 2015

Joint Training Doctoral Student, University of Waterloo (Canada), 2013-2014


Work Experience:

2016-present, Key Laboratory of Materials Modification by Beams (Ministry of Education), School of Physics and Optoelectronic Technology, Dalian University of Technology.


Outstanding Graduates of Dalian city in 2015;Outstanding Graduates of Dalian University of Technology in 2015;

Dalian Universityof Technology Special Scholarship in 2014-2015;

Excellent Graduate students of Dalian University of Technology in 2014-2015;

Chinese Government sponsored Oversees Project Scholarship for 2013/2014 (Waterloo, Canada)

Research Interests:

Interactions of Moving Charged Particles with Nanostructure Materials.

Selected Publications:

1.     Keenan Lyon, Ying-ying Zhang, Z. L. Miskovic, Yuan-Hong Song, You-Nian Wang. “Interaction of fast charges with rough metal surface” Surface Science Vol. 639, pp. 32-38, Apr., 2015


2.      Ying-ying Zhang, Ji-Zhong Sun, Yuan-Hong Song, Z.L. Miskovic, You-Nian Wang. “Channeling of protons in single-walled carbon nanotubes based on kinetic and molecular-dynamics treatment”, CARBON, Vol. 71, pp. 196-205, Jan., 2014


3.      Ying-ying Zhang, Sheng-Bai An, Yuan-Hong Song, Naijing Kang, Z.L. Miskovic, You-Nian Wang. “Plasmon excitation in metal slab by fast point charge: the role of additional boundary conditions in quantum hydrodynamic model”, Physics of Plasmas, Vol. 21, 102114, Oct., 2014


4.      Naijing Kang, Z. L. Miskovic, Yingying Zhang, Yuanhong Song, Younian Wang. “Analyzing nonlocal effects in plasmon spectra of metal slab by Green’s function technique for hydrodynamic model”, Nanoscale Syst.: Math. Model. Theory Appl. Vol. 3, pp. 44-54, Nov., 2014



5.      Zhang Yingying, Zhao Dan, You Shuyan, Song Yuanhong, Wang Younian. “Wake Effects in Transport Through Carbon Nanotubes”, Chin. Phys. Lett., Vol. 30, No. 9, 096103, Apr., 2013